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Bulgarian Association to the Producers and the Traders of Ecological Products
Sofia, Bulgaria

Our mission

The association realize activity to interest of our members, to expressive of organization to exhibitions, seminars, courses for re-qualification, expound campaigns to initiate in European and international policies in sphere of manufacture and trade with ecological products, organization to exhibitions and present to association in international doings, to assistance the activity of own members in sphere of the ecological manufacture and trade, present to government's and international's organizations, take part of creation and discussing of bills, connected with ecology and ecological products, initiation and carry out of campaigns to the ecology and conservation of environment, consultations and assistance to innovation scientific ecological projects, consultations and realization to ecological investment projects, as well as  presentment to bank's, government's and other institutions.

Every owners of eco-farms and bio-factories, as  and traders of ecological and bio-products, are invite to become members of Association and to work together for the mission and the aims.

Excerpt of BAPTEP Statute:

Fundamental aims of the association

 Art. 7.  Fundamental aims of the association are:

1. To unite efforts and expand the initiative of its members to improve the quality of manufactured and they offer green products.
2. To conduct educational activities on the environment (OS) and provides all its members the necessary information on ways and means to deal with pollution problems OS
3. To assist in implementation of existing and create new specialized practices and standards in the field of protection of the production of environmentally friendly products
4. To ensure proper implementation of legislation pertinent to the problems of environment protection and production of environmentally friendly products to protect the rights and interests of its members, and to make proposals on the established order to remove the admitted violations.
Means of achieving the objectives of the association
Art. 8. Means by which the association will achieve its goals by establishing relations and implementing cooperation with national and international medical, scientific, professional, public and other organizations and movements with similar activity, as well as international governmental and nongovernmental organizations in the field of conservation the OS, manufacture and marketing of ecological products.

BAPTEP's Statute

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